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Agency leasing
Craig Newlands offers a full agency leasing service, ensuring maximum occupation for properties by securing tenants to fill any free space as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The property will be managed to take advantage of the changing markets, positioning it as relevant to ensure high quality, low turnover tenants to maximize investment, resulting in a continuous revenue stream.

Asset management
To achieve investment objectives Craig Newlands offers portfolio management services to fulfill the particular goals for each property, or property portfolio. Utilizing his in- depth understanding of the rapidly changing market trends, he is able to respond to the marketplace to best position property portfolios to best meet objectives.

Combining this knowledge with a range of strategies, including focused marketing, leasing, tenant retention and property management, Craig Newlands is able to develop assets to full potential.

Services include:

  • Developing long-term investment strategies
  • Cash flow analysis, proforma analysis and financial modelling
  • Supervision and analysis of lease and lease proposals
  • Property management
  • Due diligence

Corporate services
Craig Newlands ' corporate services gives companies with multiple sites one contact to deal with all locations.

Real estate holdings are managed on behalf of the client to develop them into strong assets for the company, with a variety of solutions co-ordinated and implemented by Craig Newlands, allowing corporate time to spent on other issues.

Craig Newlands' portfolio management experience spans many industries and a keen knowledge of changing market places enables real estate to be managed for maximum efficiency and profit.

Investment services
Craig Newlands offers a range of investment services for clients looking to move into, or expand property holdings. Craig can buy and sell property assets across the country, on behalf of clients, to increase investment opportunities. Craig can work reactively, or proactively if required, using specialist market knowledge to recommend specific opportunities as appropriate.

Services include:

  • Account management
  • Advice on property
  • Multi-housing investment purchases/sales
  • Buying and selling property
  • Commercial investment purchases/sales
  • International investment transactions and representation

Landlord representation
Owning a property, or properties, and managing tenants can be a time consuming and often frustrating process. Craig Newlands can represent landlords to prospective and current tenants ensuring the value of the property is increased over time.

Property is marketed to its best potential, using a variety of tools as appropriate, increasing the landlords profile, attracting and retaining high quality tenants.

Property management
Craig Newlands' experience of management across a variety of property types enables him to create individually tailored programs to enhance the profitability of any property.

Services offered include:

  • Property accounting and financial reporting
  • Building maintenance
  • Product marketing
  • Administration and management of contracts and leases

Property & lease administration
Property can generate a large amount of data and administration, which is highly time consuming, but needs to be analysed and managed in order to maximise the investment to its full potential.

Craig Newlands offers a range of property and lease services to reduce the administration burden, including:

  • Property document management
  • Facility data administration
  • CAM reconciliation
  • Lease and sublease desk auditing
  • Payment processing
  • Database development and consulting
  • Real estate tax auditing
  • Ongoing database maintenance
  • Escalation and operating expense reconciliation
  • Customized portfolio reporting

8Retail services
Retail customers have unique needs, Craig Newlands understands these and will create a tailored program to support specific requirements.

At the forefront of the program sits the understanding of key factors which affect the market, and therefore the value of properties. The services offered include:

  • Sale of land
  • Finance sourcing
  • Project development
  • Lease management
  • Property management
  • Property sales
  • Property purchase

Tenant representation
With an in-depth knowledge of the property market and a skill to quickly understand a company's requirements means any property issues can be quickly resolved to the tenant's best advantage.

Craig Newlands can act on a client's behalf, advising on relocation, expansion, lease negotiation and renegotiation on long standing leases. A variety of transactions and services are available, including:

  • Custom built
  • Space expansion and consolidation
  • Lease renegotiation and renewal
  • Subleases and dispositions
  • Facility purchases and relocations

Transaction services
Craig Newlands' proven performance in the real estate industry allows him to offer a wide range of property transaction services, all focused on maximising investment.

Transaction services are undertaken for both buyers and sellers for services such as:

  • Sale negotiation
  • Site selection
  • Thorough assessment of leasing opportunities
  • Analysis of real estate needs
  • Interpretation and analysis of market trends
  • Occupancy projections and budgeting

In addition a variety of transaction services are also provided for owners and landlords:

  • Analysis of the competition and its effect on business objectives
  • Recommendations on pricing and positioning for the long-term value
  • Qualifications of prospects
  • Maximization of occupancy levels

A different range of services are available for tenants looking for a real estate agent to support them:

  • Space expansion and consolidations
  • Custom build
  • Subleases
  • Facility relocations and purchases

Valuation consulting
The ability to move swiftly when an opportunity is presented is crucial for property investment. Craig Newlands can help identity and capitalize on these opportunities.

A range of assignments can be handled, including unique and multiple properties. The services include:

  • Asset/portfolio evaluation
  • Analysis of use
  • Due diligence
  • Litigations support and expert testimony
  • Current value accounting
  • REIT valuations
  • Market and feasibility studies Purchase and sales strategies
  • Investment analysis